Recovery From Injury

My Injury/Recovery


In this post, I’ll dive into a question that’s been popping up: “I heard you had an injury, but what’s the full story? What happened, and how are you doing now?” Let’s delve into the specifics.


Firstly, I am 100% available for wrestling sessions in the way I normally would, except for lift and carry activities with clients who weigh above 100 kilograms. I am however still recovering from damage to my neck and back. There have been a few periods where I had to take a break from wrestling, because symptoms got worse. If you are interested, read along. I will explain.


I am suffering from lower backache and sciatica and muscle disfunction, pain and weakness in my left shoulder and arm. The pictures show what that looks like. When I try to pull myself up, some muscles on the left side are not cooperating. My left arm is weak compared to my right. There is a muscle imbalance. I compensate by overusing other muscles when I wrestle, but often have shoulder and nerve pain.

My Injury/Recovery

Some time ago I had a car accident on the highway. I dozed off behind the wheel and collided with a car that entered the highway in front of me. My car flipped multiple times and landed upside down. The impact on my neck was massive. The orthopedic surgeon explained I could easily have ended up dead or paralyzed from the neck down. I am incredibly grateful that I did not break my neck! Instead, I ruptured a bunch of soft tissue. Multiple intervertebral discs in my neck and the rest of the spine got damaged.


Spinal situation

A MRI showed 9 damaged spinal discs. Of which two in my neck and four in my lower back. The broken discs explain my lower backache and sciatica. Bone spurs (a reaction of the body to instability and inflammation from the damaged discs) narrow nerve canals and compress nerves to my arm and shoulder area. 

A spinal disc is a soft structure between the bones (vertebrae) in the spine. It acts as a shock absorber and provides flexibility to the spine. A disc prolapse, occurs when the inner core of the disc pushes through the outer layer. This can press on nearby spinal nerves, causing pain and other symptoms like muscle weakness and numbness.

This MRI picture shows the lower part of my spine from the side. From this angle you can see three of the damaged discs. The blue arrow points at a healthy looking disc. The red arrows point at damaged ones.

How am I doing

My current status: The advice for my lower back was surgery, because of the hugeness of the disc prolapses. I decided to give my body more time to heal on its own first. I have less instability now, less episodes of crippling pain and currently no sciatica. I can lift again and safely wrestle.

The nerve damage and weakness will likely not fully recover. However, some improvement should be possible. The pain is bearable at this moment. I should however not overuse my left arm or put too much stress on my neck. Unfortunately this means no grappling/BJJ training, which makes me sad. I also have to avoid certain risks regarding my lower back and currently I am still unable to travel long distances. I cannot sit in an airplane seat, because it puts too much stress on my discs and certain nerves because of bone spurs. Being realistic, I hope to be able to travel again within a year.



Reasons vary, but mostly because it is sexy and fun.

Rotten apples:

Of course there are some fucktards (a very small number); mentally unstable men who often hate women and feel the urge to proof that no woman can beat them. Of course this is the type no session girl feels like meeting with, as they are no fun. Even fairly beating them is not worth it, since it will only make them more vicious and potentially dangerous. But hey, most of the time these idiots don’t even get to have a session. 

Moving on to the more legitimate motivations:

Some persons want to test their skills against a trained female fighter.

Others have a healthy fantasy of being (physically) dominated and forced into submission. A wrestling session is an amazing way to experience exactly this in a safe and fun way.

Often they have a thing for strong women. Specifically, women who are stronger than them or capable of beating or overpowering them. For many this started when they were younger and a girl they knew kicked their ass or beat them in one way or another at the playground or in sports. The excitement they felt as a child or teenager often got an erotic dimension when they became adults.

I have also met with persons who found out about the concept of mixed wrestling and just thought it was cool enough to put on their bucket list – and then booked another sessions, simply because they had fun. Sometimes it has even motivated them to lose weight and get in shape or become stronger. –It’s amazing to meet someone for a rematch and being able to tell them they have become stronger, better opponents!

Another reason is the feeling of powerlessness yet being alive, experienced during and after a plain beatdown.

Anything goes

Although it’s not uncommon, you don’t need to have specific fantasies about physically superior Amazonian women to get excited from the idea of  having an attractive lady physically play with you.

Whatever it is that excites you, don’t hestitate to contact me. Allow me to design a tailored experience, just for you.

Genes, without doubt. I am a descendant of a certain infamous pirate  from the 16th century who was known for being tall (2,15 m), an undefeated warrior and strong like an ox. – I kid you not, it’s documented. 

Other than this funny fact, I also believe being a vegetarian for most of my life has a positive impact on my stamina.

And finally, my muscles are great at working together effectively. Which might be the reason why it is possible you’ll lose to me in a wrestling match, despite being bigger and lifting heavy weights. I actually don’t lift weights at all. And, my body is all natural, but I guess that’s easy to spot as I don’t look ridiculously buff or lean.

Use the booking form and provide the required information. Please take into account that I usually won’t be able to meet you the same day or even the next day. It’s best to make a booking request well in advance.

You can message me through Whatsapp on 31 6 15314346 or use the contact form for relevant questions. Please, be polite and respectful, introduce yourself and make sure the answer cannot be found here if you would like to receive a response.

Yes! I will try my best to meet your request in terms of clothing. For a session you may request a fantasy costume. If it’s something I don’t have in my collection you can order it for me. 

I don’t have a social media account.

I am already struggling with appearing on Whatsapp at least once or twice a day and I often leave the house without my phone. For some reason I love connecting with people face to face a lot more than over the phone. Unless I am at home by myself, I tend to neglect my phone entirely during the day. Of which the benefit is that you’ll really have my undivided attention when we spend time together. But the downside would be that I’d fail to create interesting social media content.

I enjoy living in the moment, without capturing everything in pictures or on video. And I simply keep forgetting to pull out my phone or I just don’t feel like it.

Despite this I am planning to set up an Instagram account in the near future and make an attempt to be active on social media.. But I cannot guarantee this will work out.

If you weigh less than 100 kg (220 lbs) I can carry you on my shoulders. If you weigh less than 80 kg (175 lbs) I can carry you in my arms.

Yes. You can use the shower before the session. And you can shower afterwards, before you leave. I have soap and clean towels available, so you don’t have to bring your own. 

If I am traveling abroad, you will have to bring your own towel. 

Only if I find your booking request questionable. 

I don’t require a deposit, unless I find your booking request questionable. In that case you will have to provide a reference of at least one other session girl and/or a deposit. 

If you cancel last minute or don’t show up, I am no longer willing to plan a session with you.

As rough as you’d like. But under all circumstances we both avoid hurting the other. 

You can rest assured I know what I am doing and I will never injure you. Armbars, locks, chokes and holds are always applied carefully. I make sure there is more than enough time for you to tap and I will never have you pass out. Even if you refuse to tap.. 

Having said that, you should prepare to feel sore the day(s) after. I regularly receive messages from persons telling me they feel like they have been hit by a truck the next day. I’ve never had any complains, though. 🙂

It can take up to a week before you have received a response to your booking request. (Though, usually much sooner.) Unfortunately, I am not able to provide high speed communication at the moment. The chance I am able to accommodate you on a proposed date increases significantly if you book several weeks in advance. But if you want to have a session sooner, feel free to make the request. (You can always propose a second, alternative date that lies further away just in case.)

I love variation.

In a competitive match (unless you specifically asked me to have you submit within a second) I usually won’t apply ankle or wrist locks, as they require little effort, especially against un untrained opponent. The same goes for submission through a Rear Naked Choke, which I find somewhat barbarian. Typically I will put you in a position where I could have you tap instantly, so I can enjoy your struggle for freedom and finish effortlessly when you’re too exhausted to resist.

Yes. If you would like to have a video and/or some cool shots, I will do the recording and share the visuals with you afterwards.

You can rest assured I will not share this with any third party or put it online without your explicit permission. 

Session Possibilities

Session Possibilities


in mixed wrestling sessions

Session Activities


When you book a private wrestling session it is helpful to me if you provide me with an extensive, detailed description of how you would like the session to go. The more details, the easier it is for me to provide you with a tailored experience. 

Of course it could be that you do not know exactly how you would like things to go and that you merely have a concept in mind. Perhaps you would just like to wrestle and experience what it feels like to be overpowered by a lady with martial arts skills. In that case you can simply book a fantasy session. We will start the session with discussing your preferences and see how things go. Or, if you want to test your own strength and skills in a more serious match, just book a competitive session.

However, if you would like a role-play or if you have a specific fetish, I would suggest to clearly state this in your booking request.

I do not guarantee I will fulfill your specific desires, as there are things I will not do. An example of this is applying a KO choke (having you pass out). Of course, I will let you know upfront whether I am okay with your request(s). Don’t be shy, I don’t judge. 

Below you will find some examples of possibilities during a session.



I offer wrestling, boxing, grappling, judo and BJJ beatdowns. I can carry out any fighting style with precision and in a controlled manner, which means you can choose the intensity. For judo and BJJ beatdowns I have gi available. Judo beatdowns typically consist of a lot of throws and optionally armbars and chokes. In a BJJ beatdown I will make you tap from chokes and all sorts of joint locks. The same goes for grappling beatdowns, except for that you won’t be wearing gi for me to take advantage of. A boxing beatdown speaks for itself. If you want it all, I guess you can request a mma beatdown!

Domination wrestling

Pure physical domination, including your favorite holds, submission techniques and pro wrestling moves. Allow me to add a little trash talk and we will have a wonderful time, where most of it you will spend underneath me or otherwise completely trapped and helpless. Did I mention I love to fold pretzels?

Feats of Strength (Arm Wrestling)

I believe a lot of men do not seem to believe they can be defeated in arm wrestling by a lady who is not on steroids. Let’s find out.

Judo Throws

This is one of my specialities. There is no weight limit for throws. The heavier you are, the harder you will land.

Lift and Carry

Given my back injury I currently have a weight limit for lifting. If you are below 100 kg, I can safely lift you. 


My absolute expertise. Nobody has managed to escape my favorite pin hold yet. Would you like to feel what it is like to be absolutely trapped, controlled and dominated on the mats? Than this is for you. 


Send me your favorite scenario or give me some guidelines and I will take care of the script. The story ends with your defeat.


Most persons tap rather fast from my neck scissors, body scissors and I even made someone tap from squeezing their biceps between my thighs. 

Semi-Competitive matches

Less serious but with enough resistance to raise your heartbeat. 


I’d love to make you fly.


I can give you wrestling advice, teach you submissions or give you a brutal spartan workout. Very refreshing. 


Bondage Wrestling

In a competitive bondage wrestling match we try to tie each other’s hands and ankles together with ropes laying around or the opponent has to cooperate with having an ankle or wrist tied after tapping from a submission. This means that after four points, the next tap leads to a nice hogtie.


You can choose between a gi or nogi match. I have jiu jitsu attire available. 


Competitive grappling is similar to BJJ without a gi. It includes submissions but we start from our knees. 


A judo match starts standing and includes throws. 

Pin Wrestling

Pin wrestling might be my speciality. A point is scored when the opponent is held down with their back on the mats for 30 seconds. 


Bikini/Lingerie Wrestling

Being overpowered and/or outwrestled by a fit woman in a bikini or seductive lingerie should be on your bucket list, don’t you agree?

Face Sitting

By far the most convenient position is a traditional schoolgirl pin. I’d love to make myself comfortable with your face hidden underneath me. 

Feet Domination/Worshipping

A very common fetish. Details can vary from being made to massage or kiss my feet after a defeat to gagging. 

Muscle Worship

Massage me and feel the soft skin and firm muscles of a trained female back. Kiss my biceps and squeeze my calves. 

Reverse Neck Scissors

Losing your breath while enjoying a nice view. 

Are Knockouts Safe?

Are Knockouts safe?

I do not offer knock-out chokes (sleepers) during a session, because I believe they come with a risk. Even if you take full responsibility for your own well-being, I will not repeatedly knock you out. I feel responsible for your physical well-being during a session.

I do not mind inflicting pain, but I will not seriously harm or injure you. And a sleeper could harm you. It could cause immediate and serious damage and there is no evidence that even when you wake up feeling okay you won’t suffer from damage occurring long after. In fact, there are reasons to assume that you are risking your brain’s health on the long term. Especially when repeatedly being put to sleep.

I’ve written this text, not to convince you of anything but to explain why I don’t offer knock-outs during sessions, and to offer you some information. 

I will start with explaining how a sleeper works, after which I will explain why it can be dangerous: risk of immediate injury (a stroke), an increased risk on suffering a major stroke in the future (a silent stroke) and brain damage on the long term.

How a Sleeper Works

A sleeper is a choke whereby the carotids are narrowed by applying pressure, limiting or cutting off the blood flow to the brain and causing loss of consciousness. The carotids are two arteries (major blood vessels) running from the aorta in the chest and up through either sides of the Adam’s apple. They supply blood (with fresh oxygen) to the brain, neck and face. If you squeeze them you deprive the brain from oxygen.

You can compress the carotids, by using your biceps, wrists, forearms, ankles or your opponent’s gi without cutting off the airways to the lungs, meaning the object can still breathe. (Think of a Rear Naked Choke.) It is a comfortable way to pass out, and in rule the object will wake up after seconds.

If you want to decrease the risk of damage you should let go of a chokehold immediately when someone passes out. Therefore you should always be able to notice a pass-out.

This is why I always pay very close attention to the face and other physical signs of consciousness. I once applied a choke to someone who turned out to pass out very easily. My 6-second rule (applying pressure no longer than 6-7 seconds) wasn’t sufficient. The person passed out after 4-5 seconds. Releasing them immediately, they woke up before the hand they were holding up even touched the mats.

Ten Seconds

When the blood flow to the brain is cut off for more than about thirty seconds, some brain damage is guaranteed. How long it takes to pass out depends on the individual who is being choked, as the example above proofs. Some pass out after one of the carotids is squeezed for five seconds and others pass out when both are squeezed for fifteen seconds. On average it is about nine seconds from the moment the blood flow is cut off properly.

The following goes for most human beings: after fifteen seconds someone is unconscious. After thirty seconds there is brain damage. After five minutes the brain is dead.

Immediate Injury

There are multiple ways in which a blood choke can injure someone. An example of an immediate injury is a stroke. Serious injury can occur when a carotid is damaged. A damaged carotid can produce blood clothes. If one travels to the brain it can trigger a stroke.

Complications can be caused by congestion of your carotid. Like anywhere in the arteries plaque builds up in the carotid during life. If your carotid is congested the plaque could break off and this could also lead to a stroke. The older you are, the higher the risk this happens. Arteriovenous malformations or defects in blood vessels can precede a worst-case scenario for choking-related injury.

Sean Entin

What does it mean to have a stroke? Without going into further details: a stroke-causing choke can fuck you up. An example is Sean Entin, who was put in a choke during training. He didn’t even go completely out but six weeks later he collapsed. It is strongly recommanded by medical experts to be overall extremely careful with chokes if you are above 40.

Silent Stroke

A stroke does not have to have any outward symptoms. During a silent stroke the person is typically unaware they have suffered a stroke. Despite its lack of identifiable symptoms, a silent stroke still cause brain damage and places you at increased risk for a major stroke in the future.

A Properly Applied Choke

Techniques as thought in judo, bjj and other sports mostly focus on applying pressure to the carotids, because it is the fastest way to have someone lose consciousness. If you are applying a blood choke carefully with the purpose of knocking someone out, you shouldn’t apply too much pressure to the carotids. The choke should also be technically correct and this means avoiding two things.


Firstly, you shouldn’t cut off the airflow to the lungs and thus make sure there is no pressure applied to the airways. Avoiding cutting of the airflow decreases to risk on (brain) damage. If someone can’t breathe they will naturally panic and tap, though. Which is different with oxygen deprivation to the brain. It is easier to endure until you pass out.


Secondly, you shouldn’t compress the internal jugular veins in the neck, because this prevents blood flow from the head to the heart. A worst-case scenario would be compressing the internal veins in the neck and not the carotid arteries, because then blood flows to your brain but it can’t flow out. It is somewhat more problematic than only cutting off the blood flow to the brain or compressing both. I do believe it is relatively hard to compress these internal veins. It’s more likely to happen when pressure is applied with the legs.

I concluded the second situation is more harmful based on forensic medicine books on causes of death. So don’t worry, a choke is unlikely to harm you if you tap on time and stay conscious.

Long-Term Damage

Even if applied technically correct and with care, you are in fact still depriving the brain from oxygen when choking someone till they pass out. And although it takes several minutes before brain cells will actually die off, there is evidence that unconsciousness can cause damage and scientists have reasons to assume that repeated unconsciousness will cause certain damage.

No Studies

The real life effects of repeated unconsciousness as a result of cutting off the blood flow to the brain have not been studied. However, it might be useful to have a look at research focussing on the health effects of repeated blows to the head as with boxing. The results of these studies are quite disturbing.

Brain Damage in Boxers

Research has proved that most boxers suffer from permanent brain damage of various degrees resulting in memory issues, mood swings, lowered IQ, poor judgment and impulse control and so on.

And then an estimated 20% of boxers have Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy of which the symptoms can occur long after quitting boxing and even without previous symptoms. Including: memory loss, depression, anxiety, Parkinson, dementia and shortened life expectancy. CTE doesn’t show on CAT-scans and can only be determined with certainty by examination after death. The estimated 20% might thus be much higher. (Signs of CTE were found in 99% of NFL football players who were examined post-mortem.)

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a neurodegenerative disease associated with repeated head injuries, such as concussions. Although the exact mechanisms leading to CTE are not fully understood, there are several theories on how concussions might contribute to its development: impaired cellular repair mechanisms, axonal injury, blood-brain barrier disruption, inflammation and tau protein accumulation.

Tau protein

What we know is that oxygen deprivation releases and can cause accumulation of tau protein. Under normal circumstances, tau helps to stabilize the structure of neurons. However, in CTE, the tau forms neurofibrillary tangles, which disrupt neuronal function and can eventually lead to cell death. The accumulation of tau is believed to be one of the primary pathological features of CTE.

Repeatedly Passing Out

With boxing the brain damage is not caused by a deprivation of oxygen but by concussions (whereby someone may or may not be knocked-out as well). But both deprivation of oxygen and concussion cause similar effects on the brain. Effects that have been proven to play a roll in the development of long-term brain damage.

I think it is safe to assume that repeated deprivation of oxygen (blood chokes) just like repeated concussions (head blows) potentially causes brain damage. Even minor damage resulting in mood swings, anxiety or depression some years afterwards i.e. isn’t worth risking, in my opinion. And I believe there is a risk.

Personally I am convinced that depriving the brain from oxygen is damaging but the fact alone that I can’t guarantee you won’t be harmed is enough to exclude sleepers from my offer of session activities. There is simply no evidence at all to back up the claim that blood chokes are factually harmless or harmless when applied properly.

Repeatedly passing out from a sleeper within a short period of time. I.e. multiple times during one session doesn’t seem like a good idea to me if you value brain health, both now and in the future.

Euphoric Experience

What I do understand is the reasons why someone might be seeking the experience of a sleeper. The idea is exciting and it can provide you with the ultimate feeling of physical powerlessness, surrender,  submission.


If you have experienced it before it might also actually have felt like a positive and magical experience. This makes sense.

Your brain is factually shut down for a moment. It is different from when you are sleeping. Compare it to pulling out the plug as opposed to putting your TV on stand-by. In a way it is as if you’re being reborn, taking a split second before being able to consciously process your first sensory perceptions after waking up.

Another explanation for the euphoria is the natural camaraderie that develops when you are in a position where your limbs are entwined with someone else’s for a moment longer than a few seconds. It causes a release of oxytocin (love hormone), creating feelings of warmth. This combined with the other person being an attractive woman and the state of arousal you most likely are already in during a session contributes to the euphoria when you wake up and the oxytocin hits you.

Avoiding All Risks

To summarize the risks involved with knock-out chokes:

  1. A sleeper can cause damage to your carotids and trigger a stroke. This can happen immediately or weeks later.
  2. A sleeper can cause a silent stroke without identifiable symptoms, placing you at increased risk for a major stroke in the future.
  3. Passing out repeatedly can potentially cause long-term brain damage and it most likely compromises your brain’s overall health.

Being knocked out from a choke once or twice will likely not do much long-term damage, but there is still the risk of a stroke and unfortunately I cannot estimate how healthy your veins are.
How much I would love to make you feel euphoric and how easy it might be for me, this isn’t a safe way to do it in my opinion. If you are fully aware of the risks and you still want to be knocked out, you can find girls who will be happy to choke you out. Like I said, I understand the desire and I don’t judge you for it. To me it simply doesn’t feel right to contribute to something of which I believe it can be harmful.

I would like to avoid risk of or contributing to permanent damage, even if it occurs afterwards and you won’t connect it to the session. I’d rather break your arm, from which you’ll recover and move on.

—So, can I break your arm? No?

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