Mixed Wrestling & Domination Sessions


Mixed Wrestling & Domination


You may call me Amata. I am a six feet tall black belt martial artist and session wrestler.

Welcome to my realm, a place where men bold enough to confront their ego come to experience the profound power of domination.

Mixed Wrestling

In my private dojo in Amsterdam I offer mixed wrestling and domination (BDSM) sessions. There are three types of wrestling sessions available: fantasy, competitive, and erotic. Domination sessions can also be combined with wrestling activities if desired.

If you’ve been fantasizing about a femme fatale who can physically overpower you, you came to the right place. Wrestling against me is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. My holds are inescapable, and my takedowns are unavoidable. Unlike your egos, my defense is unbreakable.

I am competitive and potentially deadly, yet I take pride in my smooth wrestling style. I could gracefully break you down bit by bit as an alternative to wrecking you mercilessly. You may choose the intensity of the match that suits you.

Besides competitiveness, I can approach you with a playful or dominant attitude. It would be my pleasure to provide you with a tailored fantasy session, a competitive match, or the proper beatdown you deserve. Should I compete with you, dominate you, practice with you —or on you?

Let’s create an unforgettable experience.

Reasons to book a wrestling session

Why do persons book a wrestling session? The short answer would be: because it is sexy and exciting. Here are a few more reasons.

Competing Against a Female

For some, testing their skills against a trained female fighter and experiencing the challenge of wrestling a girl without holding back is an exciting prospect. If this is something that interests you, I’m happy to teach you some basics or provide tactical advice.

(Physical) Domination

Others may have a healthy fantasy of being physically dominated and forced into submission. A wrestling session can provide a safe and thrilling opportunity to experience exactly this.

Physical Challenge

It is no secret that I am able to beat most of the male population in arm wrestling. and that it is nearly impossible to get a tap out of me. I know about pushing the body to its limits. Did you know men perform better when an attractive woman is watching? Some clients request a private (Spartan) workout or join me during mine. Not being able to keep up can be the motivational boost that was needed to upgrade their work-out routine.

Strong Women

Some people are into femdom (female domination) or are attracted to strong and muscular women, particularly those who are capable of overpowering them. This attraction may have started in childhood when they were beaten or overpowered by a girl in sports or on the playground, and has gained an erotic dimension as they have grown older.

Bucket List

I have also met people who have added mixed wrestling to their bucket list simply because they find the concept intriguing. They have not regretted it, and it has even motivated some to get back in shape or work on their grappling skills. It’s rewarding to meet someone for a rematch and discover they have become stronger and better opponents.

Other Reasons

Other reasons people enjoy mixed wrestling include the rush of adrenaline and feeling of powerlessness during and after a beatdown, the joy of being lifted and carried, or the opportunity to not be in control for once. Some clients simply find play fighting with an athletic woman to be a fun and rewarding hobby, even if they don’t have specific fantasies about Amazonian women or other scenarios.


It’s not necessary to have specific fantasies to enjoy mixed wrestling with an athletic woman. In fact, some clients have been doing it for years without even remembering why they started.


At my location in Amsterdam I offer domination sessions based on physical overpowering, verbal domination or a combination of both. I cater to individuals drawn to the exploration of restriction and bondage, corporal punishment, and forms of power dynamics. I provide sessions much like a regular (soft) domme. The difference being that I can backup my authority with muscle.

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