Amsterdam-Based Session Wrestler

Height: 6 feet / 1,83 meter

Weight: 155 pounds / 70 kilograms

Expertise: grappling, boxing, judo

A warm welcome.

You may call me Amata. I hold a black belt in judo and I have a background in multiple martial arts. As a session wrestler I offer private mixed wrestling sessions at my private location in Amsterdam.

Remarkably, I always seemed to have a natural feeling for any combat related activity I tried. From knife throwing and shooting to boxing and judo. I would have been a great commando if I did not hate taking orders. If you have been fantasizing about a sexy drill sergeant or a femme fatale with the ability to physically overpower you, I might be exactly what you need.

I can be quite competitive and potentially deadly, but also take pride in my smooth wrestling style. Beside my competitiveness, I can approach you with a playful, dominant or sensual attitude.

It would be my pleasure to provide you with a tailored fantasy session, a competitive match or the proper beatdown you deserve. I can be your personal sensei, teach you some moves or help you improve your technique. I will be more than happy to compete with you, dominate you, or practice on you. Make you tap out or beg for mercy, again and again.

Let’s play!

Beating the Boys

I am not new to beating boys. As a young girl I had fights with them in the sandbox. A few years later I was beating male participants in judo tournaments. In high school I took down one after another in arm wrestling matches. It is great to compete with men. Even better to wipe the floor with them. What I love most is when they come back for more.


I decided to dedicate more time to sessions and related mixed wrestling activities and will be able to from March 2022. 

What to expect? Customized videos and recordings of full competitive mixed wrestling matches. More availability for sessions. And perhaps a tour through Europe in April 2022. It might be worth following me on social media.



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