Mixed Wrestling Session Rates

Session Rates

Mixed Wrestling Rates

These are the current rates for mixed wrestling and domination sessions at my location in Amsterdam.

The erotic session rates apply if you would like me to wear a bikini and/or the session to be (partly) erotic. The fantasy session rates apply if you do not want any eroticism. The competitive surcharge applies if you (also) want to wrestle competitively. It does not apply to semi-competitive wrestling.


Payment has to be made within the first 10 minutes of the session. Unless otherwise agreed, this is in cash.


If you are not sure about how long you would like the session to last, I will be happy to help you decide based on the type of session you have in mind and any specific wishes you might have. A satisfying session is neither too short or too long.

I am not known as a clock-watcher. If you would like to shower after the session, I won’t deduct this from the booked time. And if you came from far, I will usually offer you a coffee or drink after the session, before sending you on your way.

Needless to say, I do expect you to be respectful of my time.

Rates Explained

The price list shows that booking for more than one hour lowers the average hourly rate. Different from tours and booking multiple sessions over one or two days, I offer sessions all year round. Scheduling sessions this way requires me to carefully plan my personal and professional activities around each appointment. This involves being present, getting ready, changing clothes, setting up the dojo, and cleaning afterwards. These preparations take more time than the actual duration of the session. Additionally, I reserve extra time after your session for you to freshen up. The starting rates also reflect my expertise and the spacious, fully equipped dojo.

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