Client Etiquette

Client Etiquette

The client etiquette offers some guidelines and regulations for you to follow when contacting and meeting me. It is all based on common sense and mutual respect. If you are a well-mannered gentleman, I am sure you will naturally act accordingly.

1 Contact

Introduce yourself in your message or booking request.

In any case, you should always provide the following information:

– name or an alias;
– age or age category (i.e. thirties, sixties);
– (about) when you would like to meet;
– height and weight;
– session experience;
– the type of session you are interested in and what you have in mind.

If the above information is missing, I will most likely not respond to your message. And I am under no obligation to do so. I do not respond to messages that are not concrete or complete.

2 COVID Policy

I require a negative self test taken on the day of the session. I have self tests available. 

This is for your safety (you shouldn’t wrestle with the corona virus in your system) and for others who’ll join me on the mats. I test myself before each session.

I have had COVID and I’m not so much afraid of getting sick again myself. However, I don’t want to carry the virus and infect someone else.

For as long as the virus is still going around, I will only accept one session a day. This will allow me to sufficiently clean and air the session place and sterilize my mats before each session.

3 Preparation

3.1 I expect you to be clean and tidy at the start of the booking. If due to circumstances you have not had time to take care of an excellent personal hygiene, you freshen up on the spot.

3.2 Do not forget your manicure and pedicure for a wrestling session: trim your nails.

4 Perfume, cologne

I am very sensitive to fragrances and I kindly request you not to wear heavily perfumed aftershave/cologne. And if possible, please use a neutral or odorless deodorant. (No Axe please.)

5 Payment

Please hand over the agreed amount in paper money at the beginning of the session, unless agreed otherwise, within the first 10 minutes. 

6 During the session

6.1 I usually take some time to acclimatize and get to know you a little better during a first booking. Even if it’s a booking of only one hour.

Competitive Wrestling

If we are having a competitive match you can fully resist or try to overpower me, but I expect you to be a gentleman and to always follow these rules:

6.2 Especially if you are heavier than I am, do not put your full body weight on me. 

6.3 Do not touch my face. 

6.4 NO ankle/leg locks, as my knees are both damaged from past injuries and vulnerable. 

6.5 If you are trapped in a submission, tap out. Do not wait till the very last moment to last as long as possible. 

6.6 Do not grab, hold and/or bend fingers. And don’t grab and squeeze my skin. I am really tough, but I do bruise. It’s an absolute no-go. –If you grab my skin, you are forcing me to tape your fingers together before we can continue.

7 Cancellation

If you cancel a first booking, I might be willing to reschedule the appointment once, if you have a legit reason. If you cancel again or don’t show up, I am no longer willing to schedule a new appointment. I know it’s a little bit strict, but not one serious sessioner has ever rescheduled a first booking twice.

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