Client Etiquette

Client Etiquette

Natural Guidelines

Client Etiquette

I have developed some guidelines and regulations for client etiquette when contacting and meeting me. These guidelines are based on mutual respect and common sense, and I am confident that a well-mannered gentleman will naturally follow them.

1. Contact

When contacting me, please introduce yourself with your name or alias and provide the following information:

  • your age (category);
  • your height and weight
  • when you would like to meet;
  • your experience with sessions;
  • the type of session you are interested in and what you have in mind.

Please ensure that your message is concrete and complete. If any of the above information is missing, I may not respond to your message.

2. Preparation

To ensure a comfortable and hygienic session.

2.1 Be clean and tidy at the start of the booking. If you have not had time to freshen up beforehand, you may do so on the spot.
2.2 Trim your nails.
2.3 Bring sports shorts. If you have booked a competitive session, you may want to bring an extra pair of underwear.

3. Perfume/Cologne

As I am sensitive to fragrances, please refrain from wearing heavily perfumed aftershave or cologne. If possible, use a neutral or odorless deodorant.

4. Payment

Please hand over the agreed amount in paper money at the beginning of the session, unless agreed otherwise within the first 10 minutes.

5. During the Session

During our first booking, I may take some time to acclimate and get to know you better, even if it’s just for an hour.

6. Competitive Wrestling

6.1 If we are having a competitive match, you may try to overpower me, but please do so in a gentlemanly manner by not putting your full body weight on me, especially if you are heavier than I am.

6.2 Please do not ever touch my face or compress it with your body in any manner.

6.3 Do not grab, hold, or bend fingers, and avoid squeezing my skin. While I am tough, I can bruise, and this behavior is unacceptable.

7. Cancellation

If you need to cancel a first booking, please do so with a legitimate reason. I may be willing to reschedule once. However, if you cancel last minute, cancel for a second time, or fail to show up, I will not schedule a new appointment with you. A 48 hour notice is acceptable.

If I have to reschedule a session with very short notice, I will usually offer you a discount. If you payed a deposit, I will immediately return it to you.

8. Cats

At my dojo I have two very sweet and well raised Savannah cats. The breed is hypoallergenic and they don’t really shed. I keep my dojo clean and free of hairs and cat odor. If you are allergic to cats, I have anti-allergy pills available. Please inform me if you are very allergic or simply not font of cats so that I can take them away before you arrive.

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