Frequently asked questions about wrestling sessions

Mostly, because it’s sexy and fun.

Competing Against a Female

Some persons want to test their skills against a trained female fighter and experience what it’s like to wrestle a girl without having to hold back on strength.

(Physical) Domination

Others have a healthy fantasy of being physically dominated and forced into submission. A wrestling session is an amazing, fun and safe opportunity to experience exactly this.

Strong Women

Clients often have a thing for strong women. Specifically women who are stronger than them or capable of beating or overpowering them. For many this has started when they were younger and a girl they knew kicked their ass or beat them in one way or another at the playground or in sports. The excitement they felt as a child or teenager often gained an erotic dimension when they became adults.

Bucket List

I have also met with persons who found out about the concept of mixed wrestling and just thought it was cool enough to put on their bucket list. Often booking another sessions, because they had fun. Sometimes it has even motivated them to lose weight and get in shape or become stronger. –It’s amazing to meet someone for a rematch and being able to tell them they have become stronger, better opponents!

Other Reasons

Other reasons are the rush of adrenaline and  the feeling of powerlessness yet being alive experienced during and after a plain beatdown, the joy of being lifted up and carried around like a kid or the opportunity to not be the one in control for once. Given my height of 6 feet, I also have sessions with persons who have a thing for tall women.


Although it’s not uncommon, you don’t need to have specific fantasies about physically superior Amazonian women or any of the other things mentioned above to get excited from having an attractive woman physically play with you. In fact, some clients can’t really remember why they ever started with sessions. They’ve been doing it for years and it has become a fun and rewarding hobby. 

No. Unfortunately most callers are time-wasters. Therefore I communicate through email or Whatsapp. 

Yes. During a wrestle or while being held by me in a (submission) hold, you are free to squeeze my biceps, feel my shoulders, legs or touch my back. I am quite firm allover. 😉

Yes. You can use the shower before the session. And you can shower afterwards, before you leave. I have soap and clean towels available, so you don’t have to bring your own. 

If I am traveling abroad, you will have to bring your own towel. 

If you would like to have a video and/or some cool shots, I will do the recording and share the visuals with you afterwards against a 50 euro surcharge.

You can rest assured I will not share this with any third party or put it online without your explicit permission. 

If you allow me to use the material for promotional purposes, the recording is free. 

Yes! I will try my best to meet your request in terms of clothing. For a session you may request a fantasy costume. If it’s something I don’t have in my collection you can order it for me. 

If you weigh less than 100 kg (220 lbs) I can carry you on my shoulders. If you weigh less than 80 kg (175 lbs) I can carry you in my arms. If you weigh less than me, I can probably walk around with you under my arm, as if you were my handbag. 😉

Only if I find your booking request questionable. In this case I will need the name of at least one other girl you have had a session with, and the url of a legit website or page where she has published her contact details or through which I can contact her. 

I don’t require a deposit on bookings taking place in Amsterdam, unless I find your booking request questionable. In that case you will have to provide a reference of at least one other session girl or a deposit. 

If you cancel last minute or don’t show up, I am no longer willing to plan a session with you. Amsterdam sessions should be canceled at least 48 hours upfront. 

Guidelines for bookings abroad and known clients may differ. 

Yes. The videos you might have seen are real. But don’t take my word for it. Come and find out for yourself!

It’s important to me that you understand that receiving gifts is a rare occurrence. I want to emphasize that you should never feel obligated or pressured to provide gifts in any form. While gifts are a thoughtful gesture and highly appreciated, they are by no means expected or necessary.

There are several ways you can show your support or simply spoil me:

  1. Wishtender: Contribute to video production or assist with medical costs through my Wishtender page. 

  2. Wishlist on Amazon: I’ve curated a wishlist on Amazon. An Amazon gift card is useful too! You can send it to amata.tatami@gmail.com.

  3. Session Surprises: If you wish to surprise me during our sessions, I have a soft spot for indoor plants. A plant with a pot size of 20 or 24 cm would be the most delightful gift, as I have a deep love for greenery.

Use the booking form. Please take into account that I usually won’t be able to meet you the same day or even the next day. It’s best to make a booking request well in advance.

Genes, without doubt. I am a descendant of a certain infamous pirate  from the 16th century who was known for being tall (2,15 m), an undefeated warrior and strong like an ox. I kid you not, it’s documented. 

My body is all natural but I guess that’s easy to spot as I’m not ridiculously buff or lean. I started with sessions, in an untrained condition and I struggle with some injuries. What this means is that you can expect me to only become stronger in the future. 

It can take up to a week or even two weeks (exceptional, but possible) to receive a response to your booking request. (Though, usually much sooner.) Unfortunately, I am not able to provide high speed communication at the moment. The chance I am able to accommodate you on a proposed date increases if you book a week or longer in advance. But if you want to have a session sooner, feel free to make the request. (You can always propose a second, alternative date that lies further away just in case.)

As rough as you’d like. But under all circumstances we both avoid hurting the other. You can rest assured I know what I am doing and I will never injure you. Submission techniques are always applied carefully. I make sure there is more than enough time for you to tap. 

Having said that, if you are inexperienced you could feel sore the day(s) after. Not because I went hard on you, but because of muscle soreness from resisting. I’ve never had any complains, though. 🙂

I love variation and to carry out  specific requests.

In a competitive match I usually won’t apply ankle or wrist locks, as they require little effort, especially against un untrained opponent (unless you have asked me to have you submit by all means). I also won’t apply a RNC to have you tap out quickly. I rather keep you immobilized for a bit. (Except when you are a really tough opponent and I’m struggling to dominate the competitive fight. Then I’ll take any opportunity to make you tap.)

Typically, I will put you in a position where I could have you tap instantly, but instead enjoy your struggle for freedom and finish effortlessly when you’re too exhausted to resist.

During an erotic session both my outfit and attitude are sexier. I can be seductive and sensual or I could dominate you in a more sexual manner. Inquire for the possibilities. (No kissing, no intercourse.) 

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