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Mixed Wrestling Sessions


Resist or fight me at full strength.

If you have no wrestling or martial arts background at all you may offer full resistance. If you know how to wrestle, and want to try and submit me, I will be happy to participate in a full competitive match. There is no weight limit for competitive matches and in most cases, especially if you had no grappling training you can expect to be submitted. We will discuss the rules by which to play on the spot.



Based on your fantasy, tailored to your preferences.

I will appear in a sports outfit or an outfit you requested, ready to bring your fantasy alive. This could involve roleplay, a semi-competitive match, training or any creative proposal I agreed to upfront. Competitive fighting or eroticism are not included.

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The perfect blend of eroticism and violence.

I will appear in bikini, seductive lingerie or an outfit you requested. There will be no intercourse or kissing, but you may enjoy feeling my soft skin against yours, spend time with your face under my firm buttocks, spice things up.


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