Session Location

Session Location

Private Mixed Wrestling and domination in Amsterdam

I am based in Amsterdam, where I offer mixed wrestling and domination sessions at my private location.


My session studio is easy to reach by public transport or by car. You can park in front of the building for free. From Schiphol airport it will take you about 35 minutes by public transport or 15 minutes by car to get there.


My accommodation is private and has a discrete entrance. There is a comfortable, thick wrestling mat of 20 square meters, a sitting area and shower facilities with clean towels and soaps.

At our disposal are: boxing and mma gloves; judo and BJJ gi in various sizes; a removable boxing sack; and recording equipment.


You will receive the street and building name when you have booked and confirmed a session. I will typically requist that you notify me when you are on the way and when you arrive at the location. I will then give you the exact address. You can than simply ring the doorbell at the central entrance and take the elevator to my floor. You will see me when  you step out of the elevator. 

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